It’s England in the early 1900s, and very pentacle of human innovation and the dawning of a new technological revolution, but with it, came something else.
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 The Tragic tale Of Allyister Cain. Pt.1

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PostSubject: The Tragic tale Of Allyister Cain. Pt.1   Wed Dec 23, 2015 12:06 pm

The Tragic case Allyister Cain.
By Slick-Master Thief, spy and part-time (paid) watcher agent

Allyister Cain was a poor soul, a victim of having blind faith. But he was an orphan raised in a monastery gifted with incredible spiritual, physical and psychic strength. A true Alpha human like Samson before him and chosen by the wonderer Gabriel into becoming one of the twelve Guardians at the very young age of 14 making him the youngest yet.

As a boy he was charmingly naïve, and gentle, traveling the world, preforming exorcisms, healing the sick and the broken, as well as hunting monsters and demons wherever they dwelled. No evil ever escaped his sight, rather it'd been real or imaginary. Surprisingly he survived every situation he threw himself in, despite his tendency of leaping into battle against stronger and more experienced foes. Yet no matter how tough the fight, or great the challenge Allyister always managed to pull through in the end, sometimes just barely. Sometimes he only survived because of my intervention of treating the kid's wounds when he lay broken and passed out. I know it broke protocol, but at the time he was just a foolish kid playing at much bigger game, one I doubt he ever truly understood.

For years I watched this kid grow and mature, gaining both power and reputation. However, after about a decade, he took on case he wasn't ready for. A family of five had a son they believed was possessed. Upon arrival, Allyister was able to confirm that the boy was indeed possessed and performed an exorcism to free the child from the demon. But upon performing the exorcism, the demon spoke, confessing to being not a demon, but a fallen angel, and that the boy was actually the one causing all harm, blaming the boy on the evil he had committed, professing to actually serve as the boy's conscious and steer him away from misdeeds. But Allyister was experienced enough to know that most demons would do and say anything not to be banished to limbo, or back to hell. So Allyister ignored the warning and finished exorcising the spirt from the boy and banishing the spirt. But something about the entities word's stuck with Allyister, causing him to stay with the family for several days, making sure the boy was safe. Satisfied that the spirit had been deceitful, Allyister eventually left the family, but not before cautioning them about future possessions, and teaching them how to properly protect themselves as well as sharing his Christian faith with the family.

However after leaving, something continued to bug Allyister, and after three days, he decided to return and check on the family. What he found when he returned was horrific and the product of nightmares. For that, and this alone I won't go into details, but the boy had managed to slay his entire family. Allyister had found the boy laughing as he painted the walls with his younger sister's blood. Now I've fought the witch Baba Yaga on more than one occasion, but what I saw disturbed even me.
The boy upon hearing Allyister attacked him, forcing Allyister to take his first human life, the life of a child, one whom he believed he had saved.

The act left Allyister deeply troubled, marking the beginning of his eventual unraveling. I had asked to bring him into our fold, but was denied, even though I still believe a Guardian would be a tremendous asset to the Watch, and we quite possibly could have saved him from himself, setting him right on a lot of things he believed were true. Chalk It up to another one of our many, many mistakes.

After spending several weeks of self-loathing and questioning his every thought and action over the course of his life, he overheard a tale of a monster stalking locals and travelers around the White Wolf Inn. Believing it would be his chance at redemption, Allyister set out to free the Inn from this danger. I'm unsure of what happened when he first arrived to the Inn, because I was sidetracked by a relic from my past and ended up getting arrested. However upon discovering he would be taking me past the White Wolf Inn, which would aid me since that's where I was heading and needed to be.

I arrived a few weeks after Allyister in tow of some incompetent Sherriff, well not that incompetent, he did manage to actually catch me after all. But once he decided to stop by the inn, I took the time to slip my chains much to the amusement of the Inn Keeper, Elizabeth Barton, who may I add, didn't once speak up. A woman of questionable morals if I do say myself, which made exactly my type of woman. However I still had a job to do, so I didn't have a chance to steal her heart. But I had heard that Allyister had saved the Inn's heroes, and had met with marginal success in dealing with the creature. Unfortunately for him, another monster had appeared, one the locals called the Chippercargra? Much like the creature itself, but quadrupedal. Also Allyister began to feel the same frustrations that others had when it came to slaying one of the monsters. Whenever hurt, or mortally wounded, it would devolve, healing itself completely and often times escape, or slip away. Also whenever one of the monsters would feed, they would grow, evolve and become even better killers.

During Allyister's many run-ins with these monsters, he eventually came across the half-demon Blaze. Allyister was unaware that Blaze was half-human and had begun fighting on the side of angels, in thanks to part of Elizabeth and Albacht Who had a surprisingly positive influence on the half-breed. But Allyister only knew Blaze as a demon who was responsible for taking the lives of hundreds of innocents. A crime Allyister couldn't get passed, or forgive, believing that the demon was simply manipulating the Inn's residents.

Believing this, motivated Allyister into action and he waited until Blaze was alone in the woods meditating to attack him. The fight lasted several minutes, with Allyister actually managing to wound Blaze, which is impressive in it's own right. However, Blaze ended the battle by plunging his sword through Allyister's chest, nearly killing him, but purposely missing his vitals. Blaze then informed Allyister of how easily he could end him, saying,
"Remember this day, remember how it could have ended, but didn't and remember that each new breath you draw is because I permitted you to do so." Blaze had said, before withdrawing his blade and leaving Allyister to collapse, bleeding out.

"Now survive if you can, or don't...I don't care." Blaze said, before walking away, leaving Allyister to decide his own fate. When he found himself staring eye to eye with Abhacht Benton, who had witnessed his unprovoked attack on Blaze, her then lover.
Allyister begged for her help.
"No," She responded, "You tried to kill man without provocation on the hollowed grounds of this Inn, someone who has done nothing but help and protect both the Inn and this town since he arrived. I've seen you watching him, studying him, you should have known better. I believe he even saved your life once and this is how you repay the man?" She asked, before turning and riding away on her horse.

All Allyister could do was scream, more out of anger, frustration then fear or pain. Using what remained of his spiritual abilities to stem the bleeding, giving him just enough strength to crawl several yards through dirt, grass and woods until he was found by Elizabeth Barton.
She took pity on the fallen guardian, as she was often the case when it came to her and helped carry him back to the Inn, and to his bed, where she treated his wounds. (She had become quite the healer during her time as owner)

It took several weeks for Allyister to heal enough to walk under his own power, but he had become a mere shadow of his former self. Spending most of his days trying to drown himself in the Inn's liquor. It was during this time that Allyister told the occupants of the Inn about the coming veil, and disappearance of all things non human. Or at least those who couldn't blend in with humanity or go into hiding.

Shortly after this time, Lord Malfiest made his presence known, and made the occupants of the Inn an offer, to join him, or join the rest of our world in its destruction. Shadow, Kraven and Mad Jack tried ending him then and there. But Malfiest and his bodyguard Slasher (a being from another world, who's spirit was bond to a suit of nearly indestructible armor) easily subdued the three fighters. Kodo, who had watched the exchange, then offered his allegiance to Malfiest, (Fortunately for our dimension, this was ruse and Kodo had taken it upon himself to become a double agent, to better study and learn of Malfiest and his forces, along with their weaknesses.

n summery, despite all of Kodo's efforts and the combined strength of all the Inn's forces, included that of the nearby town and myself, we were still losing. Even after Shard Gallows who had been tricked into believing Kodo and all of us were really the villains learned the truth and switched to our side. The Heroes and fighters of the White Wolf Inn still found themselves outmatched, outclassed and out numbered eight to one, against forces created my Malfiest and his horrible, twisted doppelgangers. Effectively canceling out Blaze's strength and speed, with a doppelganger who welded fire instead of electricity, calling himself Spike, who matched both his speed and strength

The difference maker who managed to help us turn the tide was Allyister Cain. But it was Elizabeth Barton who managed to convince him to sober up, join the war and to fight for something more then his own foolish pride. And in the end, it was his power that tipped the scales into our favor, and it was he who managed to finally destroy Slasher along with several of Malfiest forces, before finally falling in battle like so many others that day.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tragic tale Of Allyister Cain. Pt.1   Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:01 pm

The Tragic Tale Of Allyister Cain. Pt. 2

Now we all know that in the end, what remained of our champions soon found themselves squaring off against Malfiest himself, who  despite all their efforts and sacrafices, still very nearly killed them. Until Elizabeth having seen enough of her friends die and their blood being spilled, around her Inn, picked up the remains of her broken broom, and charged Malfiest from behind. He turned just in time to meet her gaze as she she managed to break through the barrier that prevented anyone else from harming him and  drove the broken shaft of her broom up through his jaw, and through the base skull, killing him. Later Kodo found the Staff of one. (And incredibly powerful magical artifact capable of nearly any verbal command or spell, but each spell could only be used once, and whatever secrets that remained about recharging the staff was taken to the grave with Malfiest....YAY!) But it was Kodo, who fastened the staff into a broom and gifted it to the Inn Keeper,(Where it is now, I have no idea.) and being a hunter of magical artifacts himself, the act felt and seemed very out of character for Kodo, however if I were to hazard a guess  I would say he did this out of respect. I don't know what Elizabeth did with the staff after that day and I refuse to help aid anyone in obtaining the artifact. The Barton's suffered through a lot and sacrificed more then they should for the greater good. They deserve something...if the staff can ever be found and used for a source of good, it would be someone of the Barton line of that, I have no doubt.

        But the tragic tale goes back to Allyister Cain. Having received a mortal blow during this war, he found himself dying. I don't know if it was out of fear or anger, that drove Allyister into bargaining away his very soul for a chance at life. But I do know what answered was an ancient knight of Hell. It agreed to Allyister's terms and proceeded to possess him, but what followed was an ordeal that lasted hours as Allyister's spirit fought to overcome the Demon Knight. Something that should be impossible, but I suppose Allyister used Kraven as an example, who was the first known human who managed to trap a demon within himself, allowing him to use the demon's power and strength at will. But Allyister managed to go a step beyond, his spirit actually consumed and absorbed the demon into himself. Becoming something not quite a demon, but no longer human either. Something new. His apparent death and burial was simply his body going through a metamorphosis. He awoke hours after Shard Gallows had burred him along with the other fallen heroes and fighters, which forced Allyister to later claw his way up from his grave.  
Once  he crawled free, he rolled over onto his back and began laughing manically, for reasons I don't know. But it was him, I saw nothing of the demon and felt nothing of the demon's presence about Allyister, other than the shadow that formed behind his eyes. When he absorbed the demon, he also received all the memories of a being almost as old as the planet itself.  What does something like that do to someone? All those memories and all that knowledge, all at once.

      When Allyister finally rose, he turned his back on the Inn and slipped away, followed by only me. For a brief stint he tried going back to work, hunting demons and other monsters, but none of it made him feel the price and joy he once felt. Instead he felt empty. His breaking point was when he discovered his new found ability, unfortunately his oppressive aura, had caused him to accidentally take the life take the life of a sickly girl whom he tried to heal. Instead he unintentionally killed her along with her family. He had lost his ability to heal others. Instead his Aura now sucked and drained the life from those around him, strong enough to even cause projectiles to curve around him. His aura drains the life and energy of those closest to him, it feels like incredible increase of gravity, weak people will collapse, pass out, or die around him. Stronger people find themselves hugging the ground, and feeling sapped of their strength and energy. For stronger humans such as myself, I can stand in his presence, albeit it's incredibly uncomfortable, suffocating, but tolerable. Any attacks, on his person becomes lessened.  

Fortunately Allyister learn how to control this ability, it takes constant focus on his part. Shortly after he learned to control his new ability, he was attacked by an assassin from the Horsemen.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tragic tale Of Allyister Cain. Pt.1   Sat Dec 26, 2015 12:58 am

The Tragic Tale of Allyister Cain Pt 3.

The horsemen’s assassin clearly wasn’t briefed about Allyister’s increase in power. Allyister made quick work of the would be assassin, and interrogated the assassin. I would discuss his methods, but he managed to make the man talk, and he told Allyister of the Horsemen and how to find them. After killing his assassin, Allyister managed eventually uncover the organization, and after his infiltration, he challenged one of the Four, Pestilence and assumed his position in the organization.

The four Horsemen’s name is misleading as it is ominous. There are four leaders, Pestilence/conquest-Allyister Cain. War-Identity unknown, I believe he’s a very old, very powerful vampire. Famine-Identity also unknown, I only know it’s a she. Then there’s Death, rumored to be the most powerful and oldest of the four. Not much is known about him, except he claims to be the last of what came before, before meaning the light. His kind favors, or favored the darkness.

Each has a goal of bringing about the end of the world, in his or her version of it anyway.
War is currently allied with Pestilence, because war loves bloodshed and violence.

Death, wants to extinguish the sun, effectively ending all life on earth and bringing back his kind.

Famine is a mystery.

Pestilence seems to be the kinder of the four. Albeit his vision is horrible and would result in the deaths of millions, but if the Watchers fall and we fail, his end goal would have the least about deaths and humanity would at least have a chance of surviving and maybe re-emerging and others heroes rise to over throw or kill the smug bastard. But his end-game is complicated, he envisions a world where the cities are over grown with vegetation, and humans stalk elk through abandoned metropolitan centers, and he longs to tear down the veil that prevents the general populace from witnessing and seeing the true monsters and horrors that exist only in the shadows. Then he wants to tear open gateways and paths to Hell and to the other parallel worlds, bringing a return to all those races who had gone extinct, or who had left our world. The deaths and the chaos it would bring would be astronomical.

After the four, the hierarchy for the horsemen goes to the 7. Named aptly after the seven deadly sins, who are the generals, luckily for you, I’m infiltrated their ranks and have reached the level of a sin, my handle is Greed. Thankfully being a master thief and having bested Baba Yaga on two different occasions had helped me earn an invitation. I help out where I can, but I still have to do some unsavory things from to time.

However this brings me to Envy. Another Ally of Allyister Cain, Envy’s real name is presumably Llyod, a master shapeshifter who wants to be last of his kind. He can take the form of anyone, or anything. He was created by a former horsemen Pride aka, Michael Gallatin, who is presumed dead after he left the organization, but I doubt it.

Each of the four, have six hundred and sixty, six followers, the seven each have 7 followers. The seven can help and choose whoever they wish. More often than not the group works together to bring about chaos, death, and suffering onto the world.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tragic tale Of Allyister Cain. Pt.1   

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The Tragic tale Of Allyister Cain. Pt.1
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