It’s England in the early 1900s, and very pentacle of human innovation and the dawning of a new technological revolution, but with it, came something else.
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 Allyster Cain

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PostSubject: Allyster Cain   Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:12 am

Name: Allyster Cain   Aliases: Pestilence
Height: 5'11"           Weight:190        
Age:Unknown. Looks 30 Hair: Auburn.           
Sex: male                    Eyes:Hazel                     
Species: Human    Alignment:Lawful evil

Current Occupation: Crime lord, and occultist

suppressive Aura (weakens the strength of those around him as well as their powers, can also severely weakened the trajectory of all projectiles the closer they get to him) Energy boomerangs (formed by his demonic and spiritually energy can explode upon contact, or simply slice and cut.) Superhuman strength and athleticism, Telekinesis, accelerated healing/regeneration, superhuman senses, spiritual siphon (can draw out and absorb portions life force and spiritual power. Superhuman durability. Aura senses (Can sense and read the auras of others) Hell fire touch, Hell fire generation and blast.

A former hero and champion, claiming to be on the side of Angels, and hunting down monsters and demons. Predicted the coming of the veil and of the humans having their chance in the light. Believed to have later died in the battle along with several others against a destroyer of realms. how he survived, or returned from the dead is unknown, as why he turned his from his former Holy mission.

Magical Ability:
Well versed in the dark arts.

Weapons:twin Browning FN M1903
Additional Notes: Possesses a reddish black aura. Exudes a calm and control exterior

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Allyster Cain
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