It’s England in the early 1900s, and very pentacle of human innovation and the dawning of a new technological revolution, but with it, came something else.
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 Hetty Sauveterre

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PostSubject: Hetty Sauveterre   Sun Oct 18, 2015 3:49 pm

Name: Mehitabelle “Hetty” Sauveterre
Aliases: Hetty. Her name is Hetty. If you want to make her angry then just try calling her Mehitabelle. You will know pain.

Height: 5'8"                       Weight:145                Age:22
Hair: Dark Brown             Sex: Female
Eyes: Hazel                      
Species: Quarter Elf- Her elven features are not overly apparent and only someone who really knows what to look for (and are looking for them) will notice them (i.e. slightly larger eyes, features a touch more angular, ears have a slight point to them)
Alignment: Good- she’ll help anyone if they ask nicely.

Current Occupation:
Journeymen Mage

Magic, speaks & reads a variety of different languages, plays several instruments, embroidery, really anything a proper young lady from the upper echelons of society should know.

One of her passions is fox and small game hunting (an acceptable activity for ladies) which requires excellent riding skills and the ability to use a crossbow effectively. Just don’t ask her to dress or cook what she’s caught.

Born to an aristocratic family, Hetty has led a fairly sheltered life. She is the youngest of 6 children (Belinda, Chesterton, Samuel, Benjamin, and Gulliver).

She is a touch naive but entirely charming. Don’t let her fool you though. Under the fluff is a sharp mind.

Hetty is a fairly recent graduate of Silverthorn Manor which caters to the magically inclined members of society. It is an establishment very few outsiders are aware even exists. Much to her family’s bafflement, as now that she has completed schooling her sights should be on finding a suitable husband of respectable political stature, Hetty is now on her journey to gain real life experience utilizing her skills and earn the title of “Master”.

Magical Ability:
Her specialties are in the area of protection and illusion magics. Now this isn’t to say she can’t preform other feats of magical wonder...

Additional Notes:
It is never Hetty’s goal to offend or anger. She does have an occasional tendency to speak without thinking which sometimes leaves her baffled by the reactions received.
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Hetty Sauveterre
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