It’s England in the early 1900s, and very pentacle of human innovation and the dawning of a new technological revolution, but with it, came something else.
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 The Creature

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The Creature


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PostSubject: The Creature   Sun Oct 18, 2015 2:28 pm

Name: The Creature
Aliases: The Boogieman, monster, Creature, Slender man
Height: 6'2 (Varies)           Weight:220
Hair: None                       Sex: Asexual
Eyes:None?                     Species: Unknown

Alignment:Chaotic evil

Occupations: None

Skills: Hunting, tracking, adapting, killing, blending in, hiding and camouflage


Relatively little is known about this monster, except that it is very old and very, very strong. It is rumored to be a old as the dinosaurs. And has reeked havoc upon the inn 500 years ago until it was very nearly killed, forcing the creature to flee.  

Abilities: Elongated prehensile barbed tongue, (the tongue is like sandpaper covered in barbed wire, capable of tearing through bark, leather and light metals. Healing, regeneration, instant evolution and devolution abilities (allowing the creature to grow and become more powerful every time it feeds, or when fatally wounded, to devolve into a smaller, weaker form, but no less deadly and possessing zero evidence of any harm it suffered in it's previous form) Prehensile finger claws The claws are flexible and eight inches long, strong enough to pierce through bone and light armor. Needle like teeth (Strong enough to snap through solid bone) Armored skin (His flesh is blacken and covered in scale like armor. It's current form resembles a man in an overcoat. It's attack form is far more fierce. Large insect like wings.  

Weapons: It is a weapon

Known Spells: None

Additional Notes: Nocturnal and obsessive, will often relentlessly hunt any who has witnessed it's true form. The creature at times has also shown to have varying levels of intelligence

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The Creature
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