It’s England in the early 1900s, and very pentacle of human innovation and the dawning of a new technological revolution, but with it, came something else.
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 Back to the Future!!!

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PostSubject: Back to the Future!!!   Wed Apr 27, 2016 1:09 am

Breathing heavily, her entire body aching, with sweat dripping from her body, she straightens, twirling her batons, trying her damndest to recall her many, many lessons with Jason. He made it all seem so easy. The demon circled her, eyes watching, looking for a weakness. Then he was on her again in a flash, she barely had time to bring up the baton, blocking a blow that would have taken her head off. She pivots, bringing the other baton around against his blade knocking it away from her, following it up with a roundhouse to his face, immediately, following it up with an upward swing with the baton in her right hand, slamming it into the demon's chin, who only smiles as he leaps back.

"He's trained you well," Blaze says sheathing his sword.

"Admit it, you're impressed," Smiled Kat.

"Yes, it only took you 15 minutes to land two strikes, against my 42," Blaze agrees, "And thats with me holding back, he says, walking to the dojo wall where he leans against crossing his arms, watching her with a hint of amusement in his eyes.

"You don't have to you know, hold back I mean," Kat says with a smile.

"If I don't hold back I'd kill you," Blaze sighs.

"I don't know," Kat challenged, "Odok said I had power in me."

"You're lucky that abomination didn't kill you," Blaze says sharply, then considers the thought, "But possible, you could have some Meltra blood flowing through your veins, Elizabeth once told me Shadow's powers didn't manifest until after he witnessed his parent's death, you could also be a latent Alpha human,"

"Like Alex or Allyister," She interrupts.

"Allyister was a fool," Blaze snaps, "Grasping for power wherever it may, rather than actually earn it, like the rest of us, through sweat, blood, pain and training, he took shortcuts, he was weak."

Kat nods, finally slumping down to her knees, "I know...I know," She breathes, "I'm sorry, but sometimes trying to keep up you and Jason, always leaves me feeling like I'm standing still..."

Blaze humphs and looking away.

"I knew it, you're worried about him too." She says smiling.

"No, he's one of the strongest and most skilled humans I've ever met, strong willed too. Even resisted my mind control."

"I can resist your mind control," She says teasingly, as Blaze shoots her a brief look of annoyance.

"You're family has always been strong will and you could very well be a latent werebeing," says Blaze.

"Oh part demon," She offers, watching Blaze roll his eyes.
"Unlikely, you're too slow and clumsy to be one of us." he says, prompting her to throw one of her batons at him,which he effortless dodges, looking more bored than annoyed.

"Don't be foolish and don't be so quick to toss away your weapons," He advises, "Which is why I finished it."

"Finished what?" She asks, her interest piqued.

"The suit, the one one you begged the Knight to make for you...Gaudy thing, I suppose you'll make up a name like he did." He says rolling his eyes.

" finished it?" She asks, in disbelief.

"Yes," he says, "though I still don't understand the hawk motif." He says with a shrug.

"Hey, not all of us can be super powerful and fast demons, we need aliases to protect ourselves." Kat explains, and before Blaze can raise his disapproval of such things, she races across the dojo floor, throwing her arms around him, hugging him.

Blaze only glances down at her, looking uncomfortable. "I don't understand this sentiment. I rather not go to war by myself and I still don't Ryder."

"So where's the my suit? can I see it?" Kat asks, ignoring Blaze.

"His room," Blaze answers. Knowing she'd need no other direction.

"Hey," Kat says pulling away from Blaze and beginning to start for the door. "How come Alex and Kodo aren't helping us on this, it seems like a big enough problem to concern them as well."

Blaze shakes his head, "The detective is in hell-"

"Oh..what happened, is he okay?"

Blaze shakes his head, "No, he's actually in hell, being a fool... Something concerning Allyister, and Kodo is still dealing with the abomination he created." But by the time he says it, Kat is already reaching the door.

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Jason Knight


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PostSubject: Re: Back to the Future!!!   Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:46 pm

Night Hawk.

It didn’t take Kat long to find her suit, Jason…or Blaze had it splayed across his bed. So she did what came naturally, she squealed, and hopped up and down and she rapped her knuckles excitedly together, then she rushed over to her bed, staying admiringly down at her bed at the suit and armor. It was impressive. The Helmet was strikingly similar to Jason’s alter ego, but sleeker. The black smart suit that fit on underneath the armor was also incredible. She managed to refrain from trying it on for a whole minute before she began stripping her clothes off and began trying it on. The gauntlet and grapple projectors were identical to the Midnight Hawk’s as well, but the gauntlets were different. She spent a few minutes examining the knuckles, when she discovered the hidden switch that sprung inch long claws from the knuckles, which began to glow with a hateful red color.
“The knuckle talents are superheated and can be shot from the knuckles,” Blaze says leaning against the door frame looking bored. “Jason tells me the talons can also be fired off, hot and sharp enough to punch through Kevlar like it was cardboard, you have three shots per hand, they’re good for close and medium range.” He sighs, looking as if he was inspecting the other side of the frame. “The reload packs are in the belt, you can only carry four on your belt.

Kats nods, causing the knuckles to retract. Her chest armor she donned next, surprised by how well and snug it felt. It was strong, not slutty or revealing as was the armor in most video games, movies and comics. Her armor was actually practical, although she wondered suspiciously, she wondered who forged the chest armor, Blaze or Jason, but as she glanced up at Blaze, she realized she didn’t want to know, because her next unavoidable question would be how they got her bust size.

Shaking off the wondering question and instead notices how in absence of the iconic sword the both Midnight Hawks often carried on their backs, she however had twin escrima sticks, which could be combined to form a bo-staff. Her eyes rolled on that one, the bostaff was one of Jason’s favorite non-lethal weapon.

“Jason told me the staff has some sort of directional emp blast…should help you escape from the authorities if you’re too slow,” Blasé said challengingly.

Kat nods, not giving Blaze the satisfaction of seeing her annoyance at his challenge, and quickly sheaths the weapons on her back.

Fastening the leg armor and tonfas to her thighs, she pulls the weapon’s free and glanced up at Blaze.

Not needing to use his telepathy to read her thoughts, he already knows the question on her lips and sighs.

“Two settings, the first stun setting, sends 80 million volts of electricity. It’s no lightning,” He says, “But it may be effective.

“And what’s the second?” She asks, rolling her eyes up

“Shotgun blast, both hold 3 rounds, there’s extra shells in your belt, buckshot, bird and slug.” Blaze says with a hint of distaste in his tone. Like Jason, Blaze didn’t have much of an affinity for firearms. But she figured Jason’s main goal was keeping her safe and insuring she could escape any situation no matter how dangerous.

“The spare rounds are in the thigh pouches, color coded.” Blaze explained, “Red slug, yellow buck, and green birdshot. “

Kat can only smile, as she checks her thigh armored belt, and discovers how quick and smooth she could reload the tonfas on the fly. “What’s silver?” She asks glancing expectantly up at Blaze.

“Silver buckshot,” Blaze quickly, that part of her weaponry he begrudgingly agreed with, he had grown rather fond of the young woman and like Jason didn’t want to see her get hurt…But he also reasoned Jason was most likely more fond of her than he. Blaze really didn’t like all the blasted hugging.

“Not bad,” She says smiling with approval, before jamming the weapons into their harness.

Blaze waits until Kat finishes donning the rest of her costume, “The exo-suit, increases your natural strength and speed, like Jason’s, but I believe he designed your suit to be quicker than his.
She had two shin holsters which held twin carbon knives, both were silver bladed she discerned, realizing that Jason really had her safety in mind. But her suit she felt was much more practical, and cooler.

The Helmet was also similar, reminding her of when she first learned Jason’s secret and tried on his helmet. It enhanced her natural vision as well as her hearing. With various vision and tracking modes.
Including a readout that displayed a built in lie-detection unit.

“The helmet has a sonic scream, it can reach 160 decibels….I tried to kill it when he was testing it out.” Blaze says annoyed. “You can boost it to 210 decibels. “

Watching her attention finally turn to her utility belt.

“The belt has a few others…toys...And an EMP generator should disrupt any cameras and metal detectors.” Blaze says distastefully, “And can make a small force field…It works, can withstand two hits from me before it stops working. But can only protect you for three minutes, takes a whole day for the field to recharge.” The part Blaze did approve of, despite himself he had grown fond of the young woman, and perhaps all his time working with Alexander and the others had some kind of effect on him after all. Then again, he found he had become increasingly attracted to reporter he saved two years ago.
Shaking his head, he glances sidelong at Kat in her armored suit, he sighs, “I suppose you’re going to insist I call you by some ridiculous codename as well..”

Kat smiles underneath her mask. She knew Jason’s plans to have at least two Midnight Hawks in every major city. His partner Conner was still operating in solo in New York, to keep the Midnight Hawk presence alive. Jason’s plan was genius if not exceptionally difficult, since he would have to find and train people who have been thoroughly vetted by his the algorithm she had taken over coding for him, since he was shit with computers. But he was effective after his first year as a costumed vigilante crime dropped 8 percent. And by his second year, it dropped an additional twenty percent. But such could only be expected. Since as Midnight Hawk, Jason was dark, brooding and calculating. Any criminal who crossed his path most always met with several broken bones, with more serious offenders being scarred for life, making them more easily identifiable if they ever committed another crime.

But even his Midnight Hawk persona Jason always exercised restraint whenever it came to taking a life. It wasn’t that he was entirely against, Jason was no fool, despite the numerous times Blaze called him one. But as Jason often told her, crossing that line should never be easy, because the more you crossed the line, the easier it always becomes and the taking of a life should never come easy for anyone.
Finally she looks up at Blaze, “Yeah, Night Hawk, or maybe Talon.” She says smiling.
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Back to the Future!!!
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