It’s England in the early 1900s, and very pentacle of human innovation and the dawning of a new technological revolution, but with it, came something else.
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 Jason Knight

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Jason Knight

Jason Knight

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PostSubject: Jason Knight   Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:21 pm

Name: Jason Knight       Alias: Midnight Hawk
Age:34                 Weight:180/210 in suit
Height: 5’11        Hair: Dirty Blond
Eyes: Hazel           Race: Human (Caucasian)
Sex: Male

Jason and his brother Ory Knight both grew up in Chicago, Illinois, sons of Jennifer and Mathew Knight, their father was a retired marine and their mother was a teacher at the local elementary school. Mathew wanting his kids to know how to defend themselves enrolled them into Karate class at the age of 7, until they graduated and later began taking Wushu lessons from the age 14, until the graduated High School. But growing up the two had learned metal working, welding a basic wiring.  

Jason often struggled in school, but excelled in science and history, being more of a dreamer than he was at studying, but still managed to graduate with a 2.5 GPA. Later he attended the University of Illinois, and discovering he missed attending his martial arts classes he began joined a local boxing gym and where he trained for 2 years, before deciding to take up Judo lessons for another 2 years when he got his masters and finally graduated from College and moved to New York in hopes of finding a job closer to his brother who had started working in New York stock exchange.

Jason ended up moving in with his brother Ory while he looked for a job and after three months of looking for a job, he had a chance meeting with Cullin Hawk of a private company Hawk Industries, when Jason racing to a job interview accidently ran into Cullin, knocking the older man over and causing him to twist his ankle. Jason being the Good Samaritan he was, helped Cullin to the hospital by giving up his cab to Cullin, resulting in Jason missing his job interview. Because Jason insisted they share a cab and in helping Cullin to the hospital to get checked out, which was most fortunate for Jason, for it gave the two a chance to talk. Then again when Cullin overheard Jason on his phone apologizing profusely apologizing for missing his interview and begging for a second chance, which lead Mr. Hawk in offering Jason a job.

Later during touring the RD division of Hawk Industries with Cullin, Jason began pointing out improvements that could be made in some of the projects he saw, which ended with him receiving a job overseeing R&D much to the dismay of several at the company. However eventually Jason managed to charm his way into befriending most of his co-workers and his creative brilliance began shining through. Cullen and Jason continued fostering a close friendship, brought on mostly by how Jason reminded Cullin of his son who passed away several years prior due to a drunk driving accident and began grooming Jason without his knowledge to inherit the company for whenever Cullen retired.

During this time, Jason’s brother Ory having missed his train after work decided to simply walk home, which lead to him being mugged and was nearly beaten to death, resulting in his becoming paralyzed from the waist down. Jason visited his brother every day, wishing that there was something he could do to help with the investigation, but thanks to Ory’s martial arts training he was able to give a very accurate and detailed description of his attackers. Which lead to their eventual arrest, but due to a technicality in their arrest, the case was dismissed, and the men were sent free. This naturally drove Jason nuts, leading to him deciding to take the law into his own hands. He spent weeks tracking down the men who crippled his brother and provoked the men into attacking him like they did his brother, with the idea that he’d be able to better defend himself. Although Jason fought well and caused some serious injury to the three of the four men until one of them pulled a gun and shooting him.

Jason survived, mostly thanks to law enforcement arriving on the scene, saving Jason’s life. During his recovery Jason discovered the DA ended up making a deal with the men, granting them immunity in exchange for information about a local drug kingpin.

Which eventually lead to Jason into believing the law to sometimes be flawed and after returning to work, he stole a prototype body suit, which was being designed for military and law enforcement official, and went to work in designing an alter ego for himself in order to take the law into his own hands. To become someone who couldn’t be swayed, bought, or threatened.  It took Jason three years to construct his suit, with the help of a few very close friends, while he trained both his mind and body  for what he was to become. Going as far as having his best friend from high school and former Navy Seal train him in various exercises.

In his original timeline he was the world’s first known, costumed hero. And during his second year as the Midnight Hawk, he managed to receive medical training from his on again off again girlfriend Sara Williams who was paramedic in NYC.

He later inherited The company from Cullen Hawk who before he died, told Jason he always knew of his double life and managed to build a new upgraded suit for him.

A year later, Jason hired his best friend, and Navy Seal, Connor Wayne to be his assistant and partner, who suits up in an identical sword, with a carbon fiber sword instead of the murasma Sword Jason uses. But also tends to arm himself with more guns, (loaded with rubber or tranquilizer rounds, and a few incendiary rounds for tougher opponents)  

: drastically slowed aging and accelerated healing due to a nano virus.

Black bodysuit: worn underneath his armor is as thin as a t-shirt, resistant to small and medium fire-arms, as well as providing fire, electrical and impact resistance. The smart suit is also designed to apply pressure to injuries to stem blood lost. The suit can also self-repair, however the material can and does begin to weaken after repeated damage.

Made from a Magnesium Alloy, granting him additional protection from arm, as well as increasing his natural strength two fold. The armor also houses his retractable wings allowing ability to glide.

Gauntlets houses his gas powered grappling hooks. The grapples shoot out like a diamond shaped spearhead, the hooks spring out usually after punching through something solid. The lines can pull him up through the air at incredible speeds and one grapple and cable can hold up to 600lbs which can also be used as a devastating weapon. He can also send an electrical charge through his grapples and cables.

He picked up his Murasma sword while doing business in Japan and came across a super criminal with armor he couldn’t even scratch, causing Jason as the Midnight Hawk to be badly injured, but his efforts saved the life of a young Japanese woman, who’s father took Jason in and treated his wounds. Later gifting Jason the Sword to stop the costume criminal.    

Helmet: possesses smart lenses, giving him enhanced and telescopic vision, night vision, infrared red vision. Possesses built in directional mic, allowing him to hear great distances and built in police scanner.

Armored Gloves: retractable spikes in the knuckles, diamond tipped finger claws, allowing him to grapple and scale buildings. His Boots have similar claws built into the toes.

Utility belt
: Holds a rebreather,  multiple throwing stars, smoke bombs, flash bangs, first aid spray, portable acid spray bottle. Chaff grenades, Shruken emp emitters. Shrunken. Directional explosive spray and detonator.  Basic first aide supplies.

Weapons:  Muramasa Sword at his back (one of the legendary living swords, indestructible, can cut through almost anything. And make the welder more resistant to injury)  escrima sticks in his left thigh holster, (Can combine to form a bostaff. Nunchaku  in his right thigh holster. Shock batons in his shin holster.

Climbing, Tumbling, Karate (black Belt), Wushu (Black belt), Jeet Kune Do (Master), Judo (black belt), Wrestling, boxing, sword fighting, tumbling, aerial combat, throwing weapons, paramedic training, Master Electrician, masters in engineering, minor in psychology, amateur artist, parkour expert, gliding, metal working, wiring and welding, business, intimidation, acting.
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Jason Knight
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