It’s England in the early 1900s, and very pentacle of human innovation and the dawning of a new technological revolution, but with it, came something else.
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PostSubject: Shroud    Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:55 pm

Name: Shroud   Real Name: ????

Black long   Sex: male
Eyes: soft yellow glow     Species: Humanish (evolved from insect to humanoid form)

Occupations: Horsemen

Skills: Fighting. Survival, stealth, leadership, cunning, strategist, military training, scholar.


Abilities: Phasing, Teleportation, superhuman strength and durability. Immunity to most ranged attacks/abilities. Can absorb energy even kinetic and use it to increase his own already formidable strength, heal injuries, or fire the combined force of everything he's absorbed from his mouth by pulling the shroud down from his mouth.

Special notes:missing lower jaw. Has three claw like fingers on each each, which act as fingers and can double as slashing weapon.

Struggles with depression.

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