It’s England in the early 1900s, and very pentacle of human innovation and the dawning of a new technological revolution, but with it, came something else.
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Cole Ambrose

Cole Ambrose

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PostSubject: Burial.    Thu Feb 04, 2016 3:53 pm

He had been flying for sometime cradling the boy body in his arms until he finds a suitable spot deep in the North woods to bury the child.

He lands softly to the dirt, and lays the child down, briefly wondering what happened to the child to make him the way he was. But shrugging it off, he turns, realizing he was lacking a shovel. Sighing, he hopelessly scans the forest floor. Spotting a large stick not far from him he reaches for it, only to recoil when a rat scurries across it and hisses at him. Cole then slaps the rodent away and grabs the stick only to discover it was in fact a very old broom, in surprisingly good shape. He's about to break it down and convert it into a makeshift shovel when something stops him and he remembers a few back at the Inn who seemed to be looking for a lost broom, he smiles at it and places it gently against a tree. Turning he thinks of the job ahead of him and sighs, but quickly goes to work with digging a respectful grave for the boy.

Cole works tirelessly for hours digging a 6 ft deep hole, which he climbs out of and gently lowers the boy into the grave, before beginning the task of laboriously filling the hole. Which he then covers with several very large and heavy rocks.

Satisfied with his work, he wipes the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand, then grabbing the broom, he flies back up into the air, grateful to feel the coolness of the air against his sweat covered body and begins flying back towards the Inn.

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