It’s England in the early 1900s, and very pentacle of human innovation and the dawning of a new technological revolution, but with it, came something else.
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PostSubject: Slick   Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:23 am

Name:Slick     Aliases: Thief
Hair:Medium length, blond        Sex: male
Eyes: Blue                  Species: Enchanted Human
Alignment:Lawful neutral

Occupations:Master Thief, hero, spy and double agent.  

Skills: Lock-picking, pick-pocketing, subterfuge, stealth, knife fighting, throwing, sword fighting, practicing magic user.  


Abilities: Lucky.

Weapons: Daggers, enchanted sword, enchanted cloak.

Known Spells:
Calm Spell: When cast, a field of peace and tranquility will permeate the immediate area. If a monster is charging the Hero, the monster will stop moving. This will allow the Hero to beat a hasty retreat. After several hours, (Used to only last for several seconds, but once effect wears off the monster will likely resume the chase. Calm is considered ineffective while in actual combat, as a calmed monster will just calmly eat the Hero. The spell has a secondary function of also being able to calm raging fires.

Fetch Spell-Allows him to move and manipulate objects that weigh up to ten pounds. Mostly used to bring objects to him, hence the name.

Dazzle: When cast, a blinding flash of light will be created, momentarily blinding and stunning enemies.

Detect Magic: When cast, the caster will become aware of the state of magic in the area. If there's nothing particularly magical in the area, he will sense nothing. The Caster will only detect magic within the immediate area, magical items in the area will give off a bright glow that only the caster can detect.

Flame Dart:As an offensive spell, Flame Dart's main function is causing damage to enemies. It has a secondary function of being able to set things on fire.

Open Spell[/b]:The function of Open is to open doors and locks

Trigger: Trigger's function is rather multipurpose. It requires that magic already exist in the area, and needing just a little push to be set off. For instance, magical traps can be set off with the Trigger spell. If the caster is standing a safe distance away, he won't be hurt. It can also trigger the explosive release of most magical/enchanted items such as staffs.

Zap: Magically charges a weapon for three strikes, with each blow releasing the magical charge causing significantly greater damage.

Force Bolt:  As an offensive spell, Force Bolt can be used to cause damage to enemies. Its primary function, however, is to provide the caster with the means to push objects from a distance. Force Bolt can thus be used to flip a distant switch, push an object over, or knock an object off a ledge. Another facet of the spell is that the globe of energy can rebound off targets. This can be used to great effect to repeatedly push objects, or to rebound off a wall to attack a target indirectly, depending on the situation

Levitate When cast, the caster will enter a "floating" state. The caster can then move up and down, but not side to side. While floating, he may grab something, such as a ledge to pull himself up. How Levitate works in quest-related areas may vary depending on the situation.

Reversal When cast, the caster is protected by a field that will reflect magic cast directly at him/her. Spells cast at him/her will bounce off, either directly back at the caster or sometimes at an angle, depending on the situation.

Juggling lightsWhen cast, a series of floating lights will circle about the caster. This can be used to light up an area.

Lightning Ball: When cast, the caster will fire off a blast of ball lightning. Out of all the direct offensive spells, Lightning Ball is the most damaging, yet costs the most energy.

AuraWhen cast, the caster will be protected by a warm glow. While the spell is active, he will be able to approach certain Undead without suffering any health drain from being close to them. also protects the caster from anything that could drain his energy or life force.

Frost Bite When cast the caster o will fire off a small ball of ice, which can damage enemies. What separates Frost Bite from other offensive spells is that it has an area-effect, it spreads out and explodes into smaller ice like shrapnel to the area it hits.

Glide Allows the caster to glide across various heights, falling a foot a minute.

Hide When cast, the caster will become completely invisible as long as he/she remains standing still.

Protection When cast, the caster will be protected by a personal shield. Any claws, bites, sword slashes, or punches that the enemies use will have less effect. Magical attacks and elemental attacks (like breath weapons) will still do full damage.

Resistance:When cast, the caster will be protected by a protective field. This field will reduce the amount of damage taken from fire, frost, and electricity. This works against both spells that use these elements, and from natural occurrences of these elements.

Augment When cast, the caster will have a magical field around him until he casts his next spell. The next spell will be cast as if its Spell Skill was of a higher level than it was normally, effectively making it more powerful. As Augment only works on one spell at a time, it's generally not as efficient as casting multiple spells.

BoomWhen cast, a skull will be thrown where the spell is targeted. The skull can only be thrown so far and so high, so it is possible that it will bounce off a wall before settling in a spot. The skull will remain in place indefinitely, and will only explode once a living creature gets too close to it.

Dragon Fire When cast, a red dragon head will appear in the air. It will roar and unleash a torrent of fire breath. The spell is incredibly devastating

Fascination-  When cast, a few small colored lights will appear at the targeted area. If a monster the caster is facing is of particularly low intelligence, it will move towards the lights and stand among them watching for a few seconds. Soon afterwards, the lights will detonate, causing light damage.

Heal:When cast, the Hero will be able to heal himself or an ally

ShrinkWhen cast upon an enemy, they will shrink to about a third of their original size. Most enemies shrunk will immediately begin to flee

Whirlwind When cast, the caster projects a tornado at the targeted area. This tornado will spin enemies around for a few seconds and cause damage until they're able to pull themselves from the spell. If the spell is not targeted, the whirlwind will appear around the caster. Fortunately, the caster is immune to the spell's effects.

All seeing eye Requires a personal object of the person in question and when cast gives the caster incredible insight on a person's personal past and history.

Gibberish Once cast, will let two or more people speak privately, but anyone not enchanted with the spell will hear only nonsense. (points to role-playing if you play along) Spell last 30 minutes.

Thermonuclear Blast When cast, the caster will cause a gigantic nuclear explosion that will destroy everything in a ten-mile radius and make the area uninhabitable for several centuries thereafter. This will also destroy the caster.

Additional Notes:Charming.[/b]
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