It’s England in the early 1900s, and very pentacle of human innovation and the dawning of a new technological revolution, but with it, came something else.
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 Shard Gallows

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Shard Gallows

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PostSubject: Shard Gallows   Sat Oct 17, 2015 2:09 am

Name: Shard Gallows.
Aliases: Robin Hood, Robert Hood, Robyn Hode.
Height: 6'1                      Weight:210
Hair: short, silver              Sex: Male
Eyes: Purple                    Species: Atlantien  
Alignment: Neutral good. (he'll save you, or the world, but it helps if theirs a reward involved.

Notable traits: Small narrow scar from his upper lip to chin, Vertical scar right above his left eye, through his brow. Diagonal scar diagonally just below his right right eye to his cheek.

Occupations: High Ranger of Atlantis, hired sword, liberator, Outlaw, Pirate, Reluctant Watcher agent.

Skills: Master Archer/tracker/hunter and trapper. Expert swordsman, Proficient spell caster, Sailing, Master Gunner, Ship Carpenter, Boatswain, quartermaster, Ship Captain, Blacksmith, subterfuge, gardening, expert survivalist, proficient escape artist, first-aide, herbalist, lock-picking, proficient pick-pocket.

Shard Gallows was formally the highest ranked ranger of Atlantis before it’s destruction, having disappeared in battle claiming he had gotten trapped in limbo for several years before managing to finally escape. (further details and the validity of his story is known only to him)

After finding the destruction of his homeland, Shard believed himself to be the sole survivor, and did his best to integrate with humans. Until he eventually found himself in Yorkshire, where he was mistaken for a fallen Lord who had fallen in battle during the crusades. Not wanting to dash the hopes of those who mistook him for the Robyn Hood, Shard accepted both the name and title becoming legendary in his exploits, until he was later betrayed and poisoned by his beloved maid Marian.

Left for dead, Shard faked his death and left to join a crew of Pirates. In three years he rose to the rank of quartermaster, serving ten years before becoming a captain himself and sailing for another decade as the captain of his own ship “The Arrow” which lead several successful raids, until he was  attacked and sunk by a group calling themselves the Horsemen.

Shard proved most resilient when he later washed up onto shore alive, found and rescued by our organization.

Abilities: Communication/dominance over animals, Earth/plant control, enhanced sensed, 3x the physicality of an Olympian level human, eidetic memory, accelerated healing/recover, immunity to all poisons and toxins, retractable finger claws. Incredibly high aptitude in the uses of magic.

Weapons: Custom Long bow, (With a variety of arrows) Two Enchanted long swords, Frost (A magical blade of ice. Draken (Enchanted flaming sword) Also in his possession is a variety of weaponize seeds. Three daggers.

Quiver: 7 Explosive arrows, 7 Poison arrows, 2 Grappling and hook Arrows, 8 armor piercing Arrows, 16 regular arrows.

Known Spells: Glamour (Allows normal humans to see his bow as a walking staff, his quiver as a backpack, as well as making his ears and hair slightly less noticeable) Elemental enchantments (Allows him to give his arrows elemental properties.) Multiplicity (Once cast allows his arrow to multiply into several dozen.) interdimensional travel, the power to seal dimensional rifts. Magical arrows (Slightly weaker than normal arrows, but still effective.

Additional Notes: Reckless, carefree, cunning, tendency of finding humor in almost everything, has a weakness for the fairer sex. Obsessed with fighting, dedicated to finding and maybe killing the only other surviving member of his race, Kodo the former prince of Atlantis. Enjoys drinking and having a good time…all too well, has very little respect for authority.
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Shard Gallows
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